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I have a flexible rate structure to accommodate all my clients by having the option to choose from my hourly rate or flat rate. Since every project is unique and some require more time than others an hourly rate might suit one project while a flat rate is better for another. I’ll be able to give you an estimated price quote on our first consultation. The first consultation is free and it gives us the opportunity to get to know one another as well as understand both parties’ expectations. I believe a successful project is attributed through proper communication and a great working relationship.


What makes my work unique is the experience backing it up. You’d get over 5 years of design, photography and marketing experience. This means when I’m designing I take into account the companies identity, the image the company is trying to portray, how is it going to look in print, will it help in your marketing and how is it going to translate onto your product or service. Theories I develop from what I call brainstorming has to compliment the culture of your industry. Therefore a lot of research is involve before any design takes place.


Each project goes through 5 phases. Phase 1 (The Consultation) we break down the project. Phase 2 (Research) I do extensive research on your industry and products/service. Phase 3 (Concept) I deliver a few concept draft to help set the path on what style you prefer. Phase 4 (Revision) this is the part where we fine-tune your concept design. Phase 5 (Finalize) the final product is presented.


Contact me for a price quote.



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